It is too difficult to speak about our feelings…


It is too difficult to speak about our feelings…

  Do I like music? Don’t be surprised if I say I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it either. But I know that I feel myself well in our choir, I know that the music takes you away from mundane life and you appear between the sky and the earth. Something palpitates and a warm wave arises inside yourself. You get an illusion to fly.

 May be it is not an illusion?

I always look forward to our choir lessons. I look at my friends. Men who sing Komitas, Sharakan produce light and warmth. They seem to be the same people you see every day, you seem to know them, but…the people are different in our choir. The atmosphere is different, there is something pleasant in the air.                                                                                                                                                                                            Well, and contacts with Harutiun Topikyan is another  pleasure. He is realizing a mission and has become very beloved and respected. A man who is able to persuade the teachers that they can, to keep them in the harmonic field of music, to pass them the spirit of music. Pure, crystal song and taste is transmitted, inspiration is transmitted with soul and then it becomes an educational programme.

 Thank you  for giving a nice melody to our days which are rushing in a  crazy speed.

Thank you Mr. Bleyan, Mr.Topikyan, my singing friends…

I love our choir very much.

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