Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

 My name is Lilit. I am 26 years old. New Year is the most popular holiday in our family. At  the beginning of  December everybody has a festive mood  In the city the streets and shop windows are decorated with bright and motley garlands. A huge Christmas tree is put at the main square. We  begin to prepare for the holiday. We buy Christmas-tree decorations  and gifts for each other. At the end  of  December we put an artifical Christmas tree and decorate it for the holiday. New Year’s Eve  always seems magical and unforgettable to me. At midnight after president’s appearance on television the clock begins to strike.We wish a happy New Year to each other and  then  exchange our gifts. When I was a  child  I  found  the gifts under the Christmas tree and I thought that Santa Claus had brought them. Now I want to  be a good mother for my daugthers and do everything  for them.                            Lilit Margaryan,Image

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