«Sebastatsiner» Teachers’ Choir in Kotayk

«Sebastatsiner» Teachers’ Choir began its spring tours after long and frosty winter. With a song in our hearts, with our choirmaster Mr. Topikyan, we visited several churches in the province of Kotayk. The first church was St. Astvatsatsin, a beautiful church, built on the occasion of the adoption of Christianity and completed in 1301. It is located in the centre of the town of Yeghvard. We were greeted by the church priest father Hovnan. After the blessing ceremony we were welcomed by the Yeghvard Art school pupils. The day was cold and cloudy but we were in a good mood. We sang in the churchyard. The audience was excited and liked our song. Then the father gave New Testaments to us, we also shared our choir CD-s and information sheets. The next church was St. Theodoros, so called Gharghavank, a ruined but a very nice church. Gharghavank was built between the years 661 to 685 by Prince Grigor Mamikonyan. The view was wonderful. We began singing and our song was spread in the spring sky. In Lusakert the Church was full of people. They listened to our songs with admiration. When our solo Seyran Avagyan sang we noticed tears on their faces. We all were excited. They thanked the choir, maestro Topikyan and especially our headmaster Ashot Bleyan. On our way home we went on singing. The impressions were indescribable. I think the start was successful.

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