A Letter To Hovhannes Toumanyan

download Dear Hovhannes, you didn’t  come to  Etchmiadzin, you were afraid of a mosquito: how can a man be afraid of a tiny creature? I could settle you in such a place that even the mosquito ‘s  brother with his nestlings could not enter. I have nothing to say, do you want to go to Dilijan?  Great. Dont worry about the piano. The aim of our coming  will be to  complete the poem with actors and  songs. In a word we are going to compose the libretto. And the other things, musical things, I’ll compose myself in Etchmiadzin,  there I have all  the conveniences in my room . I will tell about my plans, when we meet. it’s very difficult to write  about music.  I am still busy till the end of the month,  and I have urgent things to do for the European newspapers. Then I am partially free. I have made up my mind to spend this summer in Edchmiadzin,  but I’ll come to Dilijan for ten days to complete «Anush». My lovely greetings to Princess Tumanyan, your kids, Don’t forget. With kisses your Komitas

June 8,1908

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