We Enjoyed our Trip to Tsakhkadzor.

Within the framework of EduDigitech 2015 on the 20th of January a group of pupils went to Tsakhkadzor with Mrs Melkonyan. We packed our items a day earlier. We gathered at the park near the Church. At sharp nine the bus moved. We were very gay and sang all the way. The nature and the weather were wonderful. We reached and went to the house we went last time with another group. It was fun. The first day we visited the school of Tsakhkadzor , they accepted us very well. We introduced and talk about our Digitech and nominations. They were very interested in it and said they would participate and chose the nominations they liked. Then we came home and started to put information in our blogs about what we had seen. The Other day (January 21st) we went to the Poets House, where most Armenian Poets rest in summers or in winters. We took a lot of photos. And then we went to Kecharis church. The church was splendid. After that we packed our bags and came back to Yerevan . We enjoyed our Trip to Tsakhkadzor.
P.S We took a lot of interviews. Ara Petrosyan

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