Do What You Say.


Once, a poor and lonely old man lived in a small village. Many a times, he would say, “I have no family. It would be better if I was dead.”
Every morning, he went to the forest. He would cut some trees and gather the woods in a bundle. Then he would sell it in the market. With his earned money, he would eat some food at a small food stall.
Once, he had high fever. But he still went to work because if he would not go, then he would not get the money for food and medicine. As he was carrying back the bundle of woods, he again said, “I have no one to help me. I wish Yamraj takes me away.”
Yamraj, the Lord of Death was passing by. He heard the old man’s voice. So he appeared before the old man and asked him to accompany him to Heaven with him. But the old man got scared and said,’ “Oh! I was only asking for some help.” Yamraj helped the old man to carry the bundle and thought with a smile, “He does not believe in doing what he says.”

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