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Did you know that growing tree to produce chocolate is saving a rain forest? At first, the idea sound contradictory; you would expect that to grow cacao trees you would first have to clear the forest. But, in the Dominican Republic, local people, who depend on the land for their income, have awakened to the brilliant idea that they can plant and grow cacao on land that was previously cleared for cattle. Their secret is to grow organic cacao, which can be sold for a much higher price than that grown with the use of chemicals. So, growing organic cacao provides a permanent income for farmers, and, furthermore does it without destroying any more forest. Did you know that you are abusing your dog if you feed it chocolate? Many dogs love chocolate snacks, but too much chocolate can be harmful for dogs. Chocolate contains “theobrommine” a chemical found in cocoa beans that can cause a variety of medical problems for dogs. Some of these are quite severe, and could possibly lead to death. So if your dog exhibits symptoms such as a fluctuating heartbeat, or vomiting, it’s possible that a chocolate “treat” was the cause.

(0.5 points) Chocolate is a a.

a tree b. a plant c. a crop

2. (0.5 points) Growing natural cocoa helps save a. Its crops b. the local residents c. the forest

3. (2 points) Growing cocoa is very ……… for the locals a. easy b. profitable c. necessary

4. (2 points) You can …….. your dog by too much chocolate. a. kill b. treat c. hurt

5. (1.5 points) The main idea of the text about producing chocolate is a. It is easy, cheap and profitable b. It is a secret that only locals know about c. It is not destroying the environment

6. (1.5 points) The main idea of the text about the dog and chocolate is

a. All dogs love chocolate b. All dogs exhibit symptoms of some illness when eating chocolate c. Usage of much chocolate can lead to abusing a pet

7. (1 point) The word contradictory means a. non-believable b. wrong c. conflicting

8. (1 point) To be awakened to the idea means a. to believe b. to realize c. to reject

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