We Are….

 The 30th Anniversary of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educomplex

Yerevan Mkhitar Sebastatsi’’ Educomplex is a state experimental non-profit public educational institution realizing public education with alternative author educational programs at 5 pre-schools, 5 primary schools, a middle and a high school.


The  pupils speak about their school, why they have chosen this school, what they like in the  Educomplex, why they like their school and just congratulate each other to have this school for 30 years.

It will give them an opportunity to speak about their school in English, to make reports, films, radio broadcasts.

As a result we’ll have presentations, radio broadcasts, videos.

Iveta Maytarjyan

Levon Avetisyan

Maria Shokaryan


Haik Ghazaryan

Iren Karapetyan

Alex Balayan

.Mane Hovhanisyan

Hakob Sosyan

Gayane Kaganyan

Mary Sardaryan

Nane Khachatryan

Maria Shokaryan



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