Countries and Nationalities

Jessica is a new student in Mr. Ryan’s English class. She is from
Colombia. Today is her first day in class. She is introducing herself
to three other students. One of her classmates is from Russia. Her
other classmates have different nationalities. Some are Mexican,
Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish.
Jessica lives downtown with her uncle, aunt, and two cousins.
She has a new job in her new town. She works in an office. She has a
good work schedule and very nice coworkers. One is tall and thin,
another is short and heavy. Jessica is talking about her hobby—
something she likes to do in her free time. Jessica’s supervisor is
listening to the coworkers talk.
Jessica’s family, classmates, and coworkers all look different.
Some have blond hair, some have dark curly hair, and one is bald.
Some are young and some are old. Some are her age. Jessica likes
her new life downtown

Where are you from?

What nationality are you?

Gor Khachatryan
Karine Gyulumyan
Shvagir Mikael
Angela Dadoyan
Alla Malkhasyan
Lilit Ghazaryan
Anushka Manukyan
Nare Karapetyan
Tatev Grigoryan

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