Regular Verbs

  1. I  (help) my mother in the kitchen.
  2. We  (walk) in the park.
  3. They  (wash) their clothes in the bathroom.
  4. We  (watch) an interesting film.
  5. Students  (work) in the garden.
  6. Guna  (play) basketball.
  7. The girl  (skip) very fast. (X2)
  8. It (rain) a lot.
  9. Henry  (ski) down the hill.

Write the sentences using PAST SIMPLE all the verbs are regular

  1. It  (snow) last winter.
  2. We  (open) the door.
  3. Children  (smile) happily.
  4.     Martin  (listen) to music.
  5. She  (want) a new dress.
  6. Ervin  (count) the documents.
  7. A lot of people  (skate) on the lake.
  8. Nick  (rest) last summer.
  9. We (paint) the walls.
  10. The teacher  (plant) a tree.

Write the sentences using PAST SIMPLE all the verbs are regular

  1. We  (wait) for you.
  2. Ervin  (fix) the bike.
  3. The girl  (clean) the house.
  4. We  (search) for information.
  5. They  (work) in the morning.
  6. She(promise) to help.
  7. They (ski) in winter.
    8. I  (look) through the window.9
    You (listen) to music.
    10.    She  (wash) the cups and the plates.


A. Complete the sentences in simple past tense.

1. I  my teeth. (brush)

2. Tom  tennis with his friends. (play)

3. They  for their exam. (study)

4. Susan  to me quietly. (talk)

5. Thomas  me with my homework. (help)

6. Daniel  his car. (wash)

7. The baby  a lot. (cry)

8. The man  so fast. (walk)

9. The mechanic  the car. (fix)

10. My mother  the flowers. (water)

11. The policeman  the bus. (stop)

12. Alicia  her bag. (carry)

13. She  the door. (open)

14. Sonia  the train. (miss)

15. I  my teacher. (like)



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