A Day Without Your Mobile Phone


Several months ago I thought that I couldn’t live without phone even one day, but now when my phone is broken and I haven’t got any phone, I live without mobile phone everyday. But if I had phone I think that all day long I would be in mobile phone. Now I have more time for playing with my brothers, reading book and watching TV.
Silva Karapetyan

Hrach Hakobyan

We didn’t have wi fi yesterday․ I lost myself in the beginning․ I didn’t know what to do, I even wanted to sleep․ Then I noticed that less distracted․ I really relaxed․ During the break, I went to the park with may mom and sister and as if I began to feel completely new. I enjoyed the conversation with my family. I focused on real life and I realized that half an hour of live communication is better than 3 hours of dull and damn messages.

I felt safe. Technology is becoming more sophisticated, but the desire to keep abreast of everything only adds stress to our already stressful life. Therefore, try to leave the phone at home and at the weekend you will get out into the forest, light a fire, breathe in the cool autumn air. This is real life. It’s hard to convey that feeling. You only need to feel it. It looks like something from childhood, something warm and cozy.

I usually have days without computers and mobile phones. When I use computer or mobile phone, I am very interested in them and I can stay in computer while someone doesn’t say to me to stop and go to sleep or have a rest. When I use a mobile phone or computer, I spend all my time with it. But when I don’t use any gadgets, I read books a lot, I play any board games with my family, play with my little sister, watch any programms and films on TV, go to the yard for an hour. Computer, mobile phones, tablets are very popular now. They make up a majority of our life and it’s very hard to cut from them (at least one day). But I think, that virtual world and real world are equal useful for a human.

Haik Ghazaryan

When I think about a day without my phone, I am trying to hide my phone because I do not want to lose it. Your phone is like your life part, I can’t live one day without my phone. I can say one thing justification no one can take and give his phone to someone randomly because in your phone you have your passwords, game dates, photos, accounts, phone numbers and more.

Artiom Grigoryan

It is impossible to live without a telephone. Even grandparents use mobile phones. I present you a story “Without a mobile phone”.

Read Arev Sukiasyan’s interesting story in her blog.

I remember that day when I was nearly late for my school bus. And I ran towards my school bus stop. I set to my chair, opened my bag and grabbed my headphones and put them on. As I wanted to take my phone I noticed that I left it at home. That was a horrible feeling. What if my parents worry about me, and I couldn’t text them that I already took my bus. And I couldn’t  call my friends and ask where they are and I couldn’t watch the time. I really felt like something was missing.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones


With mobile phone you can text or call your family and friends at any time. And even if they are in other countries. You can also relax by gaming or chatting or editing and etc.


Late night chats and gaming on bright screen of the phone results to sight problems. Besides, network waves can result in some skin cancers. There are many other problems that come with a mobile phones. Eye cancer, sleeplessness which causes chronic fatigue during the day, and infertility related to Wi-Fi connectivity are among the worries.

Elen Hovhannisyan

After waking up I saw, that my phone is not on it’s place. I thought — «Maybe, it got lost?». This day starts very sad, because I lost my phone. I don’t know, how can I call or play games without my smart phone. In school, I can’t call TAXI, can’t play games on breaks. But, without mobile phone, I can play with my family. There are many interesting things in Real world. And sometimes, people forgettin’ about their «Real life». They’re starting think, that their life in mobile phone! Then, everyone(maybe) using social medias: Facebook, Instagram, What’sApp and etc. And someone, using chat to speak with person, which’s in next room! Phone has.

Alexsandr Harutiunyan

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