Inventions, summary

What is the greatest invention of the year?

What do you think an inventor’s life is like?
Their life is unusual, they encounter some problems or inconvenience in their lives and they try to solve those problems with their inventions. One inventor said ‘A failure is the right answer to the wrong question.

What is the world’s most dangerous invention?
I think the world’s most dangerous invention is atomic bomb. This invention killed many people and caused many diseases in Hirosima and Nagasiki. It is very good that America used this bomb for the first and last time, but it would be perfect if America never used it.
Arev Sukiasyan
Elen Hovhannisyan
Iren Karapetyan October 15-30, homework
Propaganda is information used to manipulate people into believing a certain point of view, or to promote a political cause. Propaganda has been used throughout history to influence masses of people into to believing what the propagandists want them to believe. Propaganda is a way to convince a population the use of all the weapons listed above is acceptable. Propaganda is part of the reasons fascists like Hitler manage to get elected. Propaganda is one of the most dangerous inventions of all time precisely because it can convince people to do things they never normally would. North Korea is a great example of how effective propaganda can be. It’s possible that most of the North Korean populace literally believes that Kim Jon Un has super powers. This is something no rational person would believe without evidence.

What is the coolest invention ever?

A table for a real hard-worker
HaikGhazaryan The greatest invention
Milena Poghosyan Protected: English: Day work 20.10.2020

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