Our Winter Camp

Hi everyone! Today I am going to tell about my winter camp and how it went. You may not know this, but every January we have a winter camp for the whole month where we do fun projects and have a good time.
Anahit Tovmasyan

Well, actually our camp I think has been really boring, because we didn’t go to some places like other groups.
Shushanna Karapetyan

To be honest my winter camp was different compared to the others it was fun but at same time boring bc we didn’t do anything, we just played games
Vitoria Hakobyan

This year’s winter camp was very interesting. There were new people in our team from other classes.
Laura Sargsyan

Alexandr Asoyan
My winter camp Gayane Badeyan
Our winter camp Margarita
Our winter camp Sate
This three weeks camp Ani
Sofi Tonoyan

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