Autumn From my Window

Each season has its wonders and charm, but many of us think that autumn is special, because autumn surprises us with its richness: juicy fragrant fruits and vegetables, colorful leaves…

Harutyun writes…
Last week I was in our village Geghanist with my family. The weather was fine and we did a lot of work.We gathered a lot of fruits: apples, peaches, grapes. We helped my grandmother. I am happy, because I did a useful job.

Gegham Arakelyan writes

I love autumn. Autumn is my favorite season. Autumn is beatiful. In autumn the leaves fall on the ground. They are yellow, red, orange. In autumn is not hot.

Autumn is very beautiful from my window. The trees in our yard are starting to dress up in red-yellow-orange clothe. A fast and nimble wind rushes around the yard and steals the threads the clothes of trees. The wind whistles high in our yard.
I really like autumn in our yard, writes Evelina.


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