The project “Happiness” is implemented with the students of the 7th grade. It is a short term project and the duration of it is three weeks.

Work process


  • Discussion: “What is happiness for me”?
  • Reading: “All summer in a day”, Ray Bradburry
  • Writing:”All happiness in a day”
  • Listening: John Lenon’s song  “Imagine”
  • Summary: “What is happiness for me”

Students’ essays on the topic:
Taron Davtyan What Is happiness For me
Rozi Movsisyan Happiness
What’s Happiness for me? Karapet Gyulnazaryan

“What is happiness for me” Alexsandr Tevosyan

Happiness for me is when I know that all important to me people are safe. When my parents are feeling healthy, peaceful and proud of me. When I have loyal friends and they respect me, and I know I can be a good friend for them too. When I get a good grade on the school test. Happiness for me is when I have a chance to do things that I love — play games and watch favorite shows. When I come home tired from school and mom cooks my favorite dish. When dad comes home safe after work. When the country we live in is protected and there is no war. Happiness for me consists of many small factors, they are small, but I appreciate each of them and altogether they make me the happiest.


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