7th Grade



December 19-23

English in Mind, pages 47-50
Exercises on page 48, 49, 50

December 12-16
English in Mind

Following A Dream, page 44
Read the text, answer the questions
Teenagers Earning Money, page 45

November 28-December 2

Lesson one

  • Classwork– English-in-Mind-1, page 41, Successful people
  • Homework-What does success mean for you. Write a short essay. 

Lesson two

  • Classworkvocabulary-jobs and work, Grammar-have to, don’t have to
  • Homework-Vocabulary bank, Unit 5, learn the words and expressions

November 21-25

Grammar: Past time expressions. Page 35 ex-ces a, b, c

ClassworkBeliever, song for media-friday
Homework-Learn the song by heart

November 14-18

Topic of the lesson. Friendship 

close friend: a very good friend.

enjoy each other’s company: to like spending time with each other.

fair-weather friend: someone who is your friend only when you are cheerful and successful.

friends are like second family: that is to say your friends love you and make you feel comfortable.

get in touch with somebody: to contact somebody.

near and dear to someone: very important to someone.

shoulder to cry on: someone who is always ready to listen to your problems.

to be well-matched: to be similar to somebody in interests.

to have a lot in common: to have similar interests.

to fall for someone (to fall in love with someone): to start loving somebody.

to break up: to end a relationship.

to see eye to eye: to agree.


  • Use the new phrases and expressions in your own sentences.
  • Have you got many friends?  What do you value most in your best friends? Write about your friends and the way you make friendship.

November 7-11

Lesson one

Lesson two

  • ClassworkEnglish-in-Mind-1, page 31, “Remembering heroes”
  • Homework–Retell the text “Remembering heroes”

October 17-21

English in Mind page 27
Who is your hero? Read the text and answer the questions.
Grammar: verb To be Past Simple tense, page 28, exercises
October 10-14
Lesson one

  • Classwork–page 24, ex. 9, Everyday English, Discussion box
  • Homework– Choose one of the topics from the box and write an essay, expressing your opinion.

Lesson two

October 3-7

English-in-Mind-1 page 18, read Liza’s letter and write a reply to it.
Page 19, read the text “Helping at a hospital”, answer the questions.
Page 20, ex-es b, c

September 26-30

Lesson one

  • ClassworkEnglish-in-Mind-1, Culture in mind, page 17, “School clubs”
  • Homework– Tell about our school clubs

Lesson two

September 19-23

Lesson one

ClassworkEnglish-in-Mind-1, page 13 “An unusual hobby”

Homework: Learn to retell the text

Lesson two

Classwork–ike+ing, love+ing, English-in-Mind-1, pages 15, 16


September 5-9
Homework-Write an essay “My summer holidays”. Describe your summer vacation, write about the new sights of Armenia you discovered  this summer. You can attach photos to your essay. Be ready to discuss the topic at the lesson.
September 12_16
English in mind workbook, pages 3,4,5
Revision: people, the verb to be, have got/has got, rooms and homes….