Oscar and Bob stepped from the taxi and paid  the  driver. The central Zoo was in front of them. If only they could do it !

How happy they were after the idea of kidnapping had come to their minds .The wish of becoming rich followed them day and night. If they were rich they could afford themselves everything.                                                                                                 They were two close friends. Oscar and Bob. They decided to  kidnap  Dodo from the Central Zoo. Dodo was a monkey.  They used to watch the monkey climbing up and down the cage and playing tricks on the other monkeys. It was a clever animal.

_Oh dear. I think we are going to become rich. If only we could,- said Oscar

_We’ll try it , I wish the monkey were here now,- said Bob.

What a profitable way to become rich.The manager of the Zoo promised to pay a ransom of 3000 dollars for his beloved monkey. It took them much time to catch the animal and take him to their country cottage. A funny struggle began between the animal and the boys.

_Oh, Dodo! Be quiet please. You are too noisy like my brother,_said Bob.

_Don’t pull my jacket and shut up or the manager will find us,_ said Oscar.

At last they were in the cottage. Home, sweet  home. They were on cloud nine and imagined how they could spend the desirable money. But their expectations were in vain.  The monkey was so naughty that it got on their nerves and in the end they were on the verge of despair. It broke the window and ate all the bananas on the table. Soon the plates and cups appeared on the floor. They were all broken.

The day was very tiring. After school they ran home and saw something unbelievable: everything was in a terrible mess, Dodo was sitting on the sofa and tearing the cushions.  It was the end of their patience. If only they could get rid of the crazy animal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        They were struck speechless with surprise when they learnt that the owner of the Zoo demanded the same sum from them to take the monkey  back .

It was too much for them to endure. They had a sleepless night. In the morning they met near the cottage. Oscar’s eyes were burning with fatigue.

_Well, let us set it free ,Oscar,- said Bob.

_Oh, do you think so? And what about our plans?,_ said Oscar.

It was decided, the monkey was set free.  Can you imagine what happened later?

The boys were very happy. But their happiness didn’t last long. The next day when they came home they saw Dodo sitting in front of the door waiting for new adventures.

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